Technical Details - Foam Board Poster

  • Lightweight foam board
  • Option of form cutting
  • Size range: 120-240 cm
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

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Standard Dimensions
21-29.7 cm – A4
29.7-42 cm – A3
50-70 cm – Half sheet
70-100 cm – Full sheet
Large sizes
Matte / glossy lamination
Position foot
Shaped cutting
Hanging hook
Iron stand for threading
Colored aluminum frame
Colored wooden frame

The Lightweight Marketing Champion

Foam board makes your marketing simpler and more effective: easy to print, easy to carry and install.

Is there a business function, presentation, campaign or new business you’re preparing for? Let’s talk foam board. These versatile boards offer an extensive range of cost-effective options with zero hassle. The printing’s high level of finish and versatility make foam boards an excellent choice for any purpose, from designing a stand and signs at an event to styling any business space or point of sale.

So, what makes foam boards such an efficient design tool and a great platform for marketing messages?

  1. Endless Possibilities foam boards will make any image look great, anywhere, from a short and pinpoint text to an artistic printing.
  2. Easy to Transport and Install – foam boards are made out of a lightweight foamed plastic material, allowing you to easily move them from place to place and hang on any surface. Its compact dimensions also guarantee convenient storage anywhere in the office.
  3. Reusable creating foam boards with image messages means they can be reused at future venues.

The versatility of the foam boards is expressed not only in the variety of uses they provide, but you can also choose the size and thickness that best suits you according to where they are supposed to be positioned, the size of the space, or the desired ambience you want to relay. according to the surface on which it will go. You can also choose the type of installation, Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a distinct marketing tool that will best convey your message and contribute to the design of your space. In order to help you select the best solution for you,

we’ve assembled an extensive range of options as well as complementary products on our website that will help you optimize the impact of your marketing. Feel free to browse the available products and appreciate their effectiveness and aesthetics.

Good luck!