Technical Details - A-Frame Sign

  • Fixture made of aluminum
  • Double-sided display
  • Advertising can be easily replaced
  • Matching posters can be ordered

בצד שמאל מופיעות אפשרויות המוצר לבחירתכם,
מוזמנים להתרשם ולציין את הבחירה בפנייה אלינו
בכדי לקבל הצעת מחיר מדויקת :)

לרשותכם שירות משלוחים לכל רחבי הארץ.

50-70 cm – half a sheet of printing space
70-100 cm – printing area sheet
Complementary Products
Half-sheet poster
Full-sheet poster

Stating a Marketing Fact

An A-sign allows you to effortlessly announce you’ve arrived.

Successful marketing and advertising are derived from presence. Your clients need to notice the physical device carrying the message even before reading it. This becomes even more challenging in public spaces, which overload the senses and offersdozens of messages at any given moment.

While billboards or bus stop signs might be effective, they are expensive, and you don’t always need such a large canvas. When it comes to conveying daily information or creating an immediate presence, there’s a comprehensive range of excellent solutions available at reasonable cost.

A-frame signs are a great choice for a range of uses: presenting menus at the entrance to a restaurant, promoting sales at points of sale, directing clients at an exhibition, or conveying image messages at a conference.

The impressive physical presence of the A-frame sign makes it hard to miss, even in a crowded space, with many messages. The large surface allows you to get clear messages across and present a significant image that can also be seen from afar. This is a real advantage when success is measured by your ability to make people stop and read it.

Despite their size, A-signs are lightweight due to their aluminum frame. This allows you to easily carry them from one place to another. This ease of use guarantees quick set up on any terrain and the creation of an impressive presence in seconds.

As expected of an advertising product that is also meant for exterior use, A-frame signs are made out of durable materials to handle extremes in weather. This durability is what protects and maintains their visibility and facilitates year round use. Ease of installation and the ability to quickly change the poster reinforces their functionality.

For your convenience, we’ve assembled all the information about A-frame sign, poster production, and printing options on our website, as well as a range of complementary products that will assist you with your daily needs.

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