Technical Details - Vinyl Banner Printing

  • Can be produced in any size
  • One-sided printing
  • Printed on full-color smooth vinyl
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

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Standard Dimensions
120-80 cm
150-100 cm
200-100 cm
300-100 cm
200-150 cm
300-150 cm
200-300 cm
Aluminum rings
Hem with sewing
Sewing sleeves
Type Raw Material

Come Rain or Shine

Vinyl banners proudly represent your business under any weather.

External advertising requires not only extraordinary visibility to attract your clients’ attention, but also durability in various terrains and weather: from direct sun exposure, which makes the writing and images fade, all the way to wind and rain that might damage the quality of the banner and tear it.

One of the most prominent and durable advertising products you have at your disposal is a vinyl banner. The flexible and elastic material from which it is made guarantees a complete fit for any interior or exterior conditions. Furthermore, it allows for a precise printing of images at very high resolutions, guaranteeing maximum clarity and visibility from afar.

These properties make the vinyl banner a very versatile and popular solution among companies and businesses from all fields. It can be used as a sign at a point of sale, a billboard, or an advertisement and guidance board at a business function. This great durability also ensures the printing quality will be maintained for longer and can be reused in future venues.

Another important advantage of the vinyl banner is its ease of installation, which allows you to quickly create presence in a new office, business or a public space.

Be it a small gathering or a big event, you can order a vinyl banner of any size to create that desired effect. In addition, you can add items to it as required, such as rings and sleeves.

So, the next time you’re planning a business function or a marketing move, you should consider purchasing a vinyl banner, so you can enjoy its visibility and peace of mind, even when the weather changes.

For your convenience, we’ve displayed an extensive range of vinyl banners on our website. You can configure them to your exact needs. In addition, you can also find on our website an extensive selection of complementary products that will assist you with your daily needs and campaigns. Feel free to browse all the options and make the selection that best suits your needs.

Good luck!