Technical Details - Tickets and Vouchers

  • Standard size 21-7 cm. Attachment of checks – 5 cm
  • Process – full color printing on 170/300 gram paper
  • One color – black print on 135 g colored paper
  • Cover in pins
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

בצד שמאל מופיעות אפשרויות המוצר לבחירתכם,
מוזמנים להתרשם ולציין את הבחירה בפנייה אלינו
בכדי לקבל הצעת מחיר מדויקת :)

לרשותכם שירות משלוחים לכל רחבי הארץ.

One color
Optional Additions
Perforation – perforation for tearing
Numbering – Runs on the card and appendix
Hologram – Aluminum ring to prevent counterfeiting
Quantity in Notebook
25 pcs in a notebook
50 pcs in a notebook
100 pcs in a notebook

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Tickets and vouchers are must-have products for event and sale management.

Tickets and vouchers are some of the most useful and versatile printed products for the business crowd. Despite their simplicity (and maybe because of it), they are a great solution for a wide range of common needs of businesses, companies, and organizations.

One of their most frequent uses is as entry tickets to conventions, exhibits, fairs, launches, or company events. You can offer your guests free drinks, food, or vouchers for other benefits to intensify their experience.

The vouchers can also be used as holiday gifts for clients or as part of marketing sales. This move encourages them to visit your points of sale, so they can use them. And if you’d like to surprise your employees, you can also give them vouchers.

Other than handing vouchers out, you can mail them or scatter them where you know your clients will be – from your offices to mailboxes; to increase your business’ exposure and initiate a call for action.

You can number the cards and vouchers so as to keep track of events and sales, and mark row and seat numbers and add 1-2 ripping lines (proportion). There are also numerous design options available, according to your branding or business goals: size, color, units per pad, and even imprinting aluminum holograms to prevent counterfeiting.

For your convenience, we’ve assembled an extensive range of tickets and vouchers on our website, so you can match them to your exact needs. In addition, you can also find on our website an extensive selection of complementary products that will assist you with your daily needs and campaigns. Feel free to browse all the options and make the selection that best suits your needs.

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