Technical Details - Posters

  • Phosphorless wood-free paper in colors – yellow / orange / green / pink
  • Can also be made in large sizes
  • Wide variety of framing options
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

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Poster Sizes
29.7-42 cm – A3
32-46 cm (digital)
35-50 cm – Quarter sheet
50-70 cm – Half sheet
70-100 cm – Full sheet
Large sizes
Types of Paper
Chromo 115g
Chromo 135g
Paper without glow wood
Chrome 160 grams – wide band
Semi matte 240 g – wide band
Framing Types
Colored aluminum frame
Colored wooden frame
Matte glass
Shiny glass

Magnify Your Message

Posters let you reach a large number of people with minimum effort.

Unlike the digital world, it’s still impossible to reach large groups of potential clients in the physical one with the push of a button. There is a need for products that have a high visibility factor and the ability to relay a complex message with a few sentences and an image, in order to convey marketing messages to physically large audiences.

Posters are the most effective marketing containers in their field. Whether you’re advertising in a public space, communicating product and sales at points of sale, or branding your business and exposing it at conventions and exhibits, posters allow you to communicate a precise message in a clear and interactive way.

The size of posters and the range of graphical options evoke curiosity and cause people to stop and take interest. In a with myriad marketing messages, it’s an impressive achievement at any given moment, especially when you’re competing for your clients’ attention in a confined or public space.

Imagine, for instance, the dominant look of the florescent posters that are used for advertising shows or the way in which your eyes are drawn to posters announcing sales at store entrances as you walk down the street.

When you consider their ease of transport, display, and affordable cost – allowing you to produce many copies – it’s easy to understand the popularity of posters across the business community.
As well as the marketing aspect, posters open a wide range of design options to you. Whether it’s an image-based poster, sketch or typography; a poster can serve as a centerpiece when designing the office space, point of sale, or convention booth.

The variety of materials, sizes, and quality and finishing levels allow you to use posters for any cause; from presenting a business proposal all the way to an artistic element that can be easily incorporated into a luxuriously designed environment.

If you produce a poster than can serve you for the long term as a marketing or design element, you can protect it by framing it. You can find an extensive range of frames, paper and finishing types on our website, as well as complementary products, to ensure the poster is best fit to where it will be hung.

Good luck!