Technical Details - Canvas Printing

  • Printing process
  • Stretched on a wooden frame
  • Frames in a variety of sizes and depths
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

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Image Dimensions
29.7-42 cm – A3
35-50 cm – Quarter sheet
50-70 cm – Half sheet
Canvas 70-100 cm – Full Sheet
Large sizes
Frame Depth
3 cm
5 cm
Types of Canvas

The Classic Choice

Printing photographs, drawings or painting on canvas gives any space an artistic feel.

Business space design is meant to convey a predetermined image and expose something of its essence. A precise choice of the design elements, in accordance with the business’ branding line, allows you to create the desired effect on your clients and inspire and incentivize your employees’ creativity.

When selecting the images that decorate your office, it’s important to take into account not only their content but also the way and material on which they’re printed. The material of the image has a lot of influence on the final outcome.

Canvas is one of the most popular formats for printing images and photos for work spaces and offices. Its unique texture, as well as today’s advanced printing processes, guarantee the highest quality outcome, down to the last detail.

One of the main advantages of canvas is its versatility. Whether it’s landscape, colorful, drawings or classic art, canvas will serve you well.

Yet another advantage of canvas is its resistance to dirt and the effects of time, guaranteeing it will maintain its fresh appearance and save you the time and money as well as expenses in locating and hanging new pictures.

For your convenience, we offer different sized and thickness canvas and wood frames so that you can achieve your design line and desired effect. You can also make small or large orders, as per your design needs.

You can find a range of canvases on our website as well as complementary products that will assist with your daily needs and campaigns, optimizing your marketing efforts. Feel free to browse and select the options that best suit your requirements.

Good luck!