Technical Details - Production / Name Tags

  • Wide variety of colored lanyards
  • Silicone pockets in a variety of sizes
  • Horizontal or vertical tag
  • Names or any variable information can be added from an Excel file
  • Can be ordered in small quantities

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Tag Sizes
5-9 cm
7-10 cm
8-12 cm
9-13 cm
10-15 cm
Raw Materials
80 microns Plastic (thin)
240 microns Plastic (thick)
350g + laminated paper
Silicone carrier / pocket + postcard
760 microns Plastic
Rounded corners
Crocodile clip lanyard
Shackle clip lanyard
1 clip / 2 clips
Changing information – Names

Branding and Safety in One

Name tags contribute to event definition and quick participant ID.

Planning a business function, convention, fair, party, or big production? Your branding array needs to include designer production tags, printed with the name, position, and organization of each participant. The tags give the participants a sense of personal attention and strengthen the link to your business or brand.

In addition, the personal tags ensure that participants can identify one another leading to more focused and efficient networking. Another important advantage is the ability to differentiate between different groups of participants or between the production team and the participants using different design or colors.

Mentioning the participants’ personal details on the tag can also be used as a security measure. This way, you can easily and quickly corroborate the identity of the participants and confirm their right to attend.

On the marketing-branding level, production tags are part of the event’s visibility and must therefore correspond with its visual line. The tags’ impressive design contributes to an exclsuive positioning that projects across the entire experience and helps the participants create a distinguished first impression.

As well as the infinite design possibilities, you can incorporate into the tags the logos of the company, the event and even sponsors. You can also add a barcode or a QR code, which are the most common identification means at large events, or even holograms.

When thinking about creating tags, it’s important to know that there are a variety of options available to you. Choose from: different materials, such as paper of plastic; one- or two-sided printing, various carrying techniques such as clips or neck lace, a comprehensive selection of laces in different colors, printing a logo or any other graphic element on them, and more.

You can browse all available tag options in one place on our website, so you can make informed decisions, easily and quickly. You can also find an extensive range of complementary products that will allow you to intensify your branding effect and can be used to achieve your goals.

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